Montpellier 0-4 Paris Saint-Germain: Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi dazzle for champions


Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi put poor Montpellier in the sword in a 4-0 win over Paris Saint-Germain, for the first time since they were confirmed as Ligue 1 champions.

The failure of the UEFA Champions League this season has dampened PSG’s title celebrations even before the three-match winning streak – the first of which won a top spot against Lens.

Mauricio Pochettino’s men failed to take the lead in all three games, but there was no danger of repeating themselves on Saturday.

Mbappe, whose future is likely to be far more interesting than PSG’s current results, has often been the catalyst, hitting fourth after scoring two goals for Lionel¬†Messi and one for Angel Di Maria.

The top three quickly put Montpellier in the back foot, just six minutes into play when Mbappe’s square pass was intercepted by Di Maria so Lionel Messi could point to the left corner in the lower right corner.

Dimitry Bertaud had saved Lionel Messi well for a while before that goal and will soon be back from Mbappe, but he could not help himself in the face of an attack.

Mbappe’s fine ground outside the boot put Messi around the goalkeeper and hit the second before the two attempted to collapse a third and Di Maria bounced off the net – his volley deflected past Bertaud after Mbappe hit another with one header. -clear.

Mbappe hit the post from Messi before the break, which slightly disrupted PSG’s rhythm.

Mbappe’s extraordinary touch has invited a tough challenge from Arnaud Souquet, allowing the leading player to slowly switch to the penalty area.

Mbappe was offside before scoring another goal for Di Maria, who was sent off, while PSG finally downgraded Montpellier’s success, scoring four.

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