Lionel Messi may not have won the Champions League for PSG but he made them a lot richer


While Paris Saint-Germain failed, and, to meet their goal of winning the UEFA Champions League this season, their incomes have increased dramatically.

The arrival of Leo Messi from Barcelona last summer was widely expected by Paris to win a major European award. That did not happen, although the commercial benefits of his signing contributed to an increase in revenue.

According to L’Equipe, the Ligue 1 champions have made $ 700 million, a record since Qatar Sports Investments took over the club in 2011.

Part of this is under funding, which has seen a 13 percent increase due to contracts reached with GOAT (50 million euros this season), Crypto, and Gorilla, which will bring in an additional 10m euros. PSG will earn more than $ 300 million through advertising, which is a new record for the club.

Lionel Messi has had a huge impact on the club’s accounts as PSG sells more than a million shirts, 60 percent of which have the Argentine star’s number and name.

Only Manchester United sells more jerseys in the world than PSG.

Parc des Prince’s ticket revenue also had a significant impact on this recorded budget.

But that is not all good news for PSG boxes. The previous release from the UEFA Champions League at the hands of Real Madrid has reduced the club’s television revenue. Last season they earned 200 million euros for the semi-finals, but this year the figure has dropped to less than half that.

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