Karim Benzema explains his Tupac reference to describe Kylian Mbappe’s betrayal

Benzema and Mbappe

A football fire erupted when Karim Benzema posted a picture of rapper Tupac and the man he allegedly sold to him. This was a clear indication of the betrayal he felt when Kylian Mbappe followed his decision to play for Real Madrid. On Tuesday, the Real Madrid star was speaking to the media ahead of next weekend’s UEFA Champions League final.

But there was no chance that all Spanish media would ask him about the Instagram story he wrote on the day Kylian Mbappe decided to stay at PSG for another three years. Although he has answered many speeches about this, the main answer we have received is briefly.

Many stores asked him about the photo, saying the words for sale and Karim replied: “Betrayal? Why? Everyone needs to focus on other things,” he said. “Kylian Mbappe and the other players have no reason to call me. Everyone decides for themselves. I’m calm here, preparing for Saturday’s game. Each one of them. I’m surprised? I’m surprised like everyone else.

“Tupac’s picture did not match Kylian Mbappe’s, I post it because I like Real Madrid. This is not a matter of betrayal, anything. Every month and a half I post pictures of Tupac, which I like. No. A picture with a message. If I have a message I will see that person. “I wanted to show that this is our badge and we have to win the UEFA Champions League.”

No Spanish media has really expected it to cover a wide range of events before Kylian Mbappe’s decision. Karim Benzema did well to try and focus on the UEFA Champions League final because Real Madrid did not need Kylian Mbappe to reach this stage of the season.

It should be interesting to see how these two stars surpass this obvious difference with the World Cup which is more than 6 months away. After that UEFA Champions League final, the two will meet at a French camp and that’s when things will get even better. In the meantime, let’s try to enjoy Saturday as Karim Benzema will do.

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