Jurgen Klopp: I don’t believe in revenge, all is fine between Liverpool and Real Madrid

jurgen kloop

Ahead of Saturday’s Champions League final, Jurgen Klopp spoke to the media about the match against Real Madrid and how difficult it would be to reduce the winners 13 times.

The coach also said that Liverpool had already won the Premier League title and that they were focused on the game.

“It’s the UEFA Champions League final, so we can see that and no one has been in pain since Sunday,” he said.

“We are looking forward to this game with an incredibly strong enemy, the most experienced rival you can find in this tournament.

“We do not think because we have won two competitions now and we are so close to the third tournament that we will not care about that. That is not the case.

“You never know how many times you reach the UEFA Champions League final, so it’s best to take advantage of the few opportunities you have.

“For us, it’s really special now, for the third time in the last five years. That’s really special for this team.”

Liverpool will have to face Real Madrid, who are experts in the competition and the coach was asked whether Los Blancos is a tough rival to deal with or not.

“They’ve won it many times, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be soft, I didn’t see that in the semi-finals, semi-finals or the last 16,” said the coach.

“Their ambition is very high on their side and will be very high on our side, but it sounds better to know that you have won than to know that you have never won before.

“It’s great that today I don’t have to talk about the six finals I lost or whatever, it’s so much fun.”

Thinking of the 2018 final, when the Reds lost to Real Madrid, Klopp dismissed the offer for revenge.

“This was a difficult night for us, it was really difficult to deal with the situation, the way we conceded goals and Salah’s injury,” he admitted.

“I do not believe in revenge.”

“I understand that Salah said he wanted to fix it, and I want to fix it.

“But, everything is going well between me and Real Madrid. If we win, it will not be because of what happened in 2018.”

Klopp took the time to pay tribute to Carlo Ancelotti, whom he knew well from their duels in the Merseyside derby.

“Obviously he is one of the most successful managers in the world, but he is a good example of how he handles all the success,” Klopp told the Italian international.

“You are one of the best people you have ever met. I think everyone will tell you that.

“He’s a very good company, a really good guy, and we have a really good relationship. There was a little break in Everton because we both had a lot of respect for this part of the business otherwise we’d go out and have dinner. A few times. We never did that at all.

“Respect for him in our community will not be great.”

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