Iker Casillas: Real Madrid have to ‘put the icing on the cake’ with Champions League win

Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain: Round Of Sixteen Leg Two - UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid legend Iker Casillas believes the club’s run in the UEFA Champions League final on Saturday will mean nothing if they lose to Liverpool.

With 725 games played, Casillas follows Raul Gonzalez alone with the appearance of Los Blancos, who have won the UEFA Champions League three times with the team, including the famous La Decima in 2014.

Real Madrid made a spectacular comeback on Saturday, coming from behind to put together a three-match losing streak to Paris Saint-German, Chelsea, and Manchester City.

Writing to the Player’s Tribune, Casillas emphasized that he would not comment if Liverpool lifted the trophy on Saturday.

“Going back is great but now we have to get it. We need a cake crust,” Casillas wrote to the Players Tribune. “If you do not get the crust, the cake will not be perfect, will it?

“If the trophy does not reach the showcases, no one will remember what happened to PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City.

“One step away from glory for the 14th time, people think winning the Champions League is easy and not so. If reaching the Champions League semi-finals is unbelievable, if you win one, two or three trophies should be proud.”

The 41-year-old identified Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who was a key player in both of their LaLiga titles and reached the final on Saturday, with 21 clean points in 50 games in all competitions.

Although he emphasizes that Courtois is the best goalkeeper in the world, Casillas’ style of running and flexibility in the goal has long been regarded as something that is something he is proud of.

“A different category belongs to Cotois, and I think no one can deny that today he is the best goalkeeper in the world,” he said. “It’s similar to my thinking about Karim [Benzema]. To move up, you have to win that prize. And you deserve to be like other people, as it was important for Madrid to reach the finals in Paris.

“I’m proud that, as I did with [Luis] Arconada, he grew up inspired by my stature, through my videos. There will be another kid who will want to be like Courtois tomorrow. But, in short, I’m happy to be a part of his life.”

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