‘I love you Manchester City’ – Sergio Aguero salutes Pep Guardiola’s champions after dramatic title win


The Former Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero has praised Premier League champions Manchester City after a thrilling comeback against Aston Villa who handed another title to Pep Guardiola’s team.

It was Aguero who was the hero when City won for the first time in the Premier League 10 years ago when he came into the match to win 3-2 at QPR on the final day.

An image in honor of the occasion was unveiled outside the Etihad Stadium earlier this month.

Aguero, who left City last year, is the club’s top scorer and quickly sent congratulations after Ilkay Gundogan’s double strike and Rodri hit the top roar in a 2-0 win over Villa.

The return shattered Liverpool’s hopes for the title, and Aguero wrote on Twitter: “Campeones Campeones, I love you @ManCity.”

Former City midfielder Leroy Sane, now based in Bayern Munich, is proposing that Man City now build a monument in honor of Gundogan, nodding his recognition to another German national.

Sane tweeted: “Maybe Man City should give this man a hug. Congrats Gundo, Congrats @ManCity.”

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