‘I feel 100 per cent Roma’ – Jose Mourinho basks in Roma’s Conference League final triumph

Roma_UEFA Conference

Jose Mourinho has announced he is “100 percent Roma” after their Europa Conference League final victory over Feyenoord 1-0 on Wednesday.

Playing in their first continental game since their defeat in the 1991 UEFA Cup final, Nicolo Zaniolo scored one goal for Giallorossi, clearing the ball in the 32nd minute after putting Gianluca Mancini’s ball over the defense.

Tirana’s victory gave Serie A club its first major European title. In his first season at Rome, Mourinho has now imitated Giovanni Trapattoni to win the European title for three different decades.

Despite leaving the club next season after winning the Champions League with Porto and Inter, the 59-year-old has insisted he wants to stay on top of the success in the Italian capital.

“I stay, whether word or promise comes,” Mourinho said. “I want to stay in Rome and we need to understand what our owners want to do next season because we can follow up on this matter and explain the direction for next season.

“I feel like a Roma player like I feel like a fan of Inter, Chelsea, I’m crazy about Real Madrid, but with all due respect to the clubs I’ve worked for, I feel 100 percent Roma.

“The good thing about my career is apart from winning with Manchester United, winning with Porto, Inter and now with Rome is special. Winning where everyone expects it is easy, while winning is important if you do something really historic. I hope fans expect us and celebrate with all of us.”

With Jose Mourinho’s alternative, the Giallorossi managed to pull the pressure off their lead, holding only 33 percent in 90 minutes.

Feyenoord could have done very little to break the Roma, producing just three shots in the opener in the penalty area of ​​the game, despite the amount of ball they had.

For Mourinho and the Roma, the Conference League has become a priority and he is happy that the trophy did not come because of home ambitions.

“A lot of things are happening in my head right now,” he said. “I have lived in Rome for 11 months and immediately realized where I was.

“As I told the boys, in Turin in the changing room, we did what we had to do, our job. But today it ‘s not a job, it’ s history and we are writing history.

“But we were aiming and sacrificing a few points in the league without losing the Europa League qualifiers.”

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