Erling Haaland has release clause worth in excess of €150m in Manchester City contract


After Manchester City confirmed that Erling Haaland would join the club on July 1 before the 2022/2023 season, rumors were circulating about the release of a player contract at the Etihad Stadium. After reports 24 hours ago, we can now verify the existence and current details of this clause.

In March, we compiled a report from Martin Blackburn, a loyal supporter of The Sun, which made it clear that Team Haaland was expected to request a release clause from his new club contract.

Of course, that will follow the example set out in his Borussia Dortmund contract which saw Premier League champions make £ 51million, which would end the club’s move to replace Sergio Aguero.

Yesterday, German newspaper Bild reported on the existence of a 150 million euro release clause in the Haaland City contract that will take effect in 2024, a year after Karim Benzema’s Real Madrid contract expired.

Following this, James Ducker of The Telegraph later reported that the release clause was higher than reported by Bild, instead of costing between € 150million and € 200million.

Ducker also reported that all Norwegian international filmmakers would have to agree to the release clause as part of any agreement as we form part of the negotiation process, which provides evidence of a Blackburn report from March. A Telegraph reporter added that the City was completely free by filing a release clause.

No information was provided by The Telegraph as to when this clause would come into effect.

This afternoon, Simon Stone of the BBC will also confirm the existence of a release clause in the 21-year-old’s contract with Pep Guardiola’s team worth more than 150 million euros but did not give a specific date for when it will take effect. to write that it may be initiated in part by contract.

Manchester City Report understands that the date provided by Bild regarding when the clause applies is incorrect, but we are also not sure of the exact date. As soon as this information becomes clear, we strive to inform our fans and readers about our social media and website.

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