Barcelona make Robert Lewandowski their main target this summer


Bayern Munich  star Robert Lewandowski is the main target of Barcelona’s goal-scoring campaign.

Although the Poland international striker has increased his goal-scoring prowess over the years, completing a 50-goal campaign, Barcelona have seen the number of goals scored significantly reduced over the past few seasons.


They are expected to finish the season with the lowest goals since the 2004/05 season.

The departure of key attacking players – above all Lionel Messi – means the goals have been the best at the Camp Nou this season.

The Catalans club have hit 86, with only 68 left in the league. It should not be forgotten that, for example, Memphis Depay is the leading scorer with 13 goals in all competitions this season.

Since 2014/15, the number of goals scored in Barcelona has dropped every year. In 2015/16 they received 173, followed by 171, 141, 138, 110, and 86 this season.

That’s why Barcelona will enter the market in search of a player who will allow them to rediscover the best scoring records they have for up to a year.

All season the team had to produce a lot of scoring opportunities, as they lacked a clinical player in the attack. And that’s why Lewandowski is targeted.

The Polish international  striker is improving his records as he grows up. In August he will be 34 years old, but this is a campaign in which he has scored many goals.
Robert Lewandowski closed out the season, and no doubt his time at Bayern Munich, on Saturday by scoring his 50th goal of the season.

He has been the Bundesliga top scorer each season since 2017/18 and won his first European Golden Boot last year after scoring 48 goals. In 2019/20, you have reached 49.

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