Carlo Ancelotti: History pushed Madrid to ‘deserved’ Champions League final


Carlo Ancelotti believes the historic weight behind Real Madrid has made Los Blancos reach another UEFA Champions League final.

Liverpool stands in the way of winning 14th place in Europe’s top scorer Real Madrid, who have not lost in the final of the competition since losing to the Reds in Paris in 1981.

Stade de France will face Saturday’s match between Jurgen Klopp’s Reds and Ancelotti of Real Madrid, with the Italian looking to lift the UEFA Champions League, fourth-place manager.

Real Madrid’s run to Europe this season is full of heroes late, as they reversed a two-goal deficit against Paris Saint-Germain and blocked Chelsea’s late return to win over time.

Los Blancos saved their best in the semi-finals, however, with Rodrygo scoring twice in the deadlock before Karim Benzema made a dramatic change with an extra-time penalty against Manchester City.

While questions remain as to whether Madrid will be able to produce another result when they face Liverpool, Ancelotti insists his team has the full value of their place in the show.

“We should have reached the finals,” he told a news conference on Friday. “Quality and talent are not enough to be combined with dedication.

“The history of this club has pushed us to the finals, so to win the final you have to be worthy.

“We have to show our qualities, as we have done all season.

“Liverpool will be tense and direct, that’s what they will raise. Anyone who can show his level will win.”

Ancelotti has won his last four Champions League games as a coach, with one exception as Liverpool complete a Madrid-like comeback to beat starred Milan on penalties in 2005.

However, the 62-year-old pointed to the defeat, in which Milan beat 3-0 at half-time before losing, as a favorite in Europe’s favorite final.

“Dreams are uncontrollable. I have fond memories of my final game. My favorite final was in 2005 when we lost to Liverpool,” he said.

“Anything in the finals you have to be prepared, we have to be well prepared and we will give our best, if not enough I don’t know because football has something that will not happen. controlled.

“The make-up is very good, you have to enjoy it until the referee blows the whistle. Then another story begins.”

Ancelotti will probably be lured to Liverpool rivals in Merseyside, Everton, who he was in charge of last season before returning to Madrid for a second time.

“Everton fans will go with us. I have good memories. I am sure they will support me tomorrow,” he said.

Regarding his first XI, Ancelotti hinted that he had made the decision but did not inform his players of the cut.

“The list of players is cut, but I can’t say. The players can’t,” he said.

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