Roman Abramovich: Chelsea in good hands under new owners

Manchester City v Chelsea FC - UEFA Champions League Final

Roman Abramovich is hopeful that Chelsea will be in good hands under the Todd Boehly / Clearlake Capital consortium after being confirmed to take over on Monday.

The Premier League club on Saturday released a statement outlining the new term for the deal early next week.

Abramovich sold the group in March before being fired by the UK government over his contacts with Russian President Vladimir Putin following the Ukraine invasion.

The Boehly-led federation this month has agreed a £ 4.25billion deal to acquire the London club.

Abramovich said when he sold Chelsea that the full amount paid to buy the club would go to the base to help the poor, with the money allocated to war victims in Ukraine.

The 55-year-old suspect on Saturday issued a farewell statement.

“It has been almost three months since I announced my intention to sell Chelsea FC,” he said.

“The ownership of this club goes with a lot of work. Ever since I came to Chelsea about twenty years ago, I have seen for myself what this club can get.

“My goal was to ensure that the next owner had a concept that would give success to the men’s and women’s team, as well as the desire and motivation to continue developing other important aspects of the team, such as academy and important work.” Chelsea Foundation.

“I’m glad that this search has come to a successful conclusion. As I offer Chelsea to their new managers, I wish them all the best, both on and off the pitch.

“It has been a pleasure in my life to be part of this club – I would like to thank all the former and current team players, staff and fans for these wonderful years.

“I am proud that because of our collective success, millions of people will now benefit from this new founding foundation. This is a legacy that we have created together.”

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