Zlatan Ibrahimovic declares himself ‘best ever’ to play in MLS

Zlatan Ibrahimoivc

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has announced that he is the best player ever to play for Major League Soccer after spending two seasons with the LA Galaxy from 2018 to 2019.

The Swedish international moved to the United States following his 18-month stint with Manchester United. He then scored 52 goals and 17 assists in 56 games, marking his shocking transfer to the Western Conference side as a success.

Now, two years later, Zlatan has described his impact on the league.

“The problem was that I was still very much alive. So I was ready for every tournament.

“And while I was there, I enjoyed [this]. I had a great time. And I love the way they worked, the way they did marketing stuff. And I think [playing at MLS] was the best way I could get back after my injury. And I’m very proud to have played on MLS because they said to me the stadiums are empty when you play in that.

“There were no empty stadiums when I was playing. It was full even more so, so I can’t complain, and I’m very happy that I was there.”

After his second season with the Galaxy, Ibrahimovic moved on to Serie A’s AC Milan for a new challenge. But he still has to make a law that he will not return.
“You never know – maybe one day I’ll be back,” Ibrahimovic said. “So to show them how to remind them what real football is.

“So for two years. They’re starting to see what real football is and I think they’ll never see something like that before. Maybe I’ll be with my team again – you never know.”

At 40 years of age, he is determined to quit.

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