Tony Kroos blames Bundesliga competition for Bayern dominance


The dominance of Bayern Munich is not just down to financial muscle, but more the lack of consistency from their Bundesliga competition.

This is according to Former Bayern midfielder Toni Kroos, who played 130 times for the Bundesliga giants before moving from Bavaria to Real Madrid in 2014.

Bayern became the first team in the top five European leagues to win its top-flight ten times in a row after beating 3-year-old Klassiker rivals Borussia Dortmund last Saturday.

Julian Nagelsmann’s team had already shared a ninth record with Juventus, winning Serie A annually from 2012 to 2020, before moving on to their record collection with three games remaining.

Many cited Bayern’s financial power as a problem in Germany’s top flight, such as being able to award Robert Lewandowski of Dortmund in 2014.

Indeed, Lewandowski helped Bayern win the title with 33 goals in the Bundesliga so far this quarter, scoring once in 81 minutes on average.

However, Kroos believes that it is not only the diversity of transfer work that has helped Bayern’s reign, but also the lack of ongoing pressure from strikers Dortmund and RB Leipzig.

“The competition has to be this way. Teams like Dortmund or Leipzig can continue in certain categories,” Kroos told the Simply Mal Luppen podcast.

“But they don’t go together. It’s not just about money.”

While Kroos was quick to question the tournament provided by Dortmund and Leipzig, the 32-year-old would not take anything from another good season for Nagelsmann’s men.

“It’s a great game, especially mentally,” said the midfielder. “It is not surprising that they are the best team in Germany in terms of quality.

“But wanting to do it every year and giving the title of the title is something special.”

Thomas Muller has also been a part of Bayern’s success as well, with 17 of his assistants in the top 30 flight games this season compared to any other player in Europe’s top five leagues.

Muller sitting in the tree also surpassed his former teammate David Alaba (10 titles) as the most decorated Bundesliga player ever, who once played in a 10-in-a-row match to win the title in 2010 (11 ).

Kroos believes his former teammate Muller enjoys the prospect of defending Bayern’s dominance over all campaigns.

“You can say again sometime, after eight, ninth, tenth: ‘Well, not a year.’,” Kroos added.

“But I feel like he’s very happy defending this thing every year.”

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