Oleksandr Zinchenko: I hate the people who invaded Ukraine more and more every day

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Oleksandr Zinchenko has opened up about his home state of Ukraine, following the Russian invasion of February.

Having previously made public his position in the war, the Manchester City defender has expressed disgust at those who have decided to invade his country with military force.

“I can’t live without this situation,” Zinchenko told the Guardian.

“Trying to follow everything is my life now. The first thing I do every day is reached for my phone, and it stays in my hand all the time. It’s been seven weeks now and you see some people starting to forget, starting to get used to the cruelty in my country.

“No no-no. People are starving, they are dying, and bodies are being found, so how can one be free? You have to talk a lot. I hate people who attack our country every day. I will not stop talking about it, because the whole world needs to know the truth.”

Disappointed with Russian players

Zinchenko went on to express his belief that Russian footballers should oppose their government’s decision to invade their neighboring country.

“I have friends over there, a small party, but now it’s almost reduced to nothing,” he added.

“I’m very disappointed. The guys I know called me right after the attack and sent me a text message: ‘I’m sorry Alex, but there’s nothing we can do.’ Yes you can.If you are silent it means you support what is happening in Ukraine right now, and I do not see why they can do it.

“Maybe they are scared, because we see pictures on social media of Russians being taken to jail for protesting. But look especially at the football players, and anyone with a large audience.

“Can you believe that, if they all posted something on Instagram at the same time and said: ‘Men, we are against the war, we need to stop it,’ they would all be arrested? Yes they would not.


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