Neymar Jr: I’m here for three more years, so stop booing or you’ll need more air


Neymar Jr has told the Paris Saint-Germain supporters booing him that they “will need more air” if they continue as he intends to stay at the club for the next three years.

Lionel Messi scored just one goal for PSG in Saturday’s draw, adding another league title to his squad, but there was an overwhelming feeling of disappointment that it had been a really difficult season at Parc des Princes.

“I’ve been here for another three years, so stop barking or you’ll need more air,” Neymar told ESPN.

“It was surreal that half of the crowd left the stadium.”

PSG fans are still dissatisfied with their team especially after winning the UEFA Champions League in Madrid and most of the fans left the stadium before the game on Saturday which left PSG players happy to win the title on their own.

“I’m really happy tonight and the trophy,” he continued.

“Yes, it was a long and difficult season with everything that happened.

“But we managed to win the title, it was very important for us, now we have to breathe and calm down, which is very important.

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