Leandro Paredes out injured for two months, will miss Argentina’s match vs. Italy


Leandro Paredes suffered serious injuries when Paris Saint Germain beat Lorient and will be out for at least two months. The Argentine midfielder, who was ruled out of action before the end of the first leg, was awaiting the results of post-match training and his serious injury was confirmed on Tuesday.

It was all a joy in Paris when the pain slowly began to heal after the UEFA Champions League was over at the hands of Real Madrid. The team in which Messi and Di María played and Mauricio Pochettino’s lead beat them 5-1 at home with Neymar and Mbappé’s match, as well as the Argentine National Team captain’s contribution, but the team was devastated by the loss of a former player. Boca.

It was 38 minutes before the first episode when Paredes threw himself on the ground showing signs of pain. Soon, DT from Rosario replaced Wijnaldum. This morning it was confirmed that the athlete had a broken abdomen and an adductor injury that forced him to undergo surgery.

Although PSG will lose one of its key players, the news is more widespread in the Ezeiza area than in Parque dos Príncipes. That is, Argentina starting the final before the start of the World Cup on November 22 against Saudi Arabia and the key to Sceloni is not to lose its key pieces.

Paredes will have to undergo surgery and, at the very least, be unable to make it to the final between the Champion of America, Argentina, and the European Championship winner in Italy.

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