Jurgen Klopp responds to Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane rivalry rumours

mane and salah

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are enjoying a close relationship amid rumors of a rift between the two.

Between the two of them, Salah and Mane have scored 32 Premier League goals this season and have conceded 11 more, with their continued success helping close the Manchester City gap to just one point.

The two have been at loggerheads over international work since last week when Senegal’s Mane handed out Salah Egypt’s Egypt to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and previously there have been suggestions that the two do not get along very well.

However, Klopp, speaking at a pre-match press conference against Watford, emphasizes that the two want to be as successful as they can be on the pitch, and any frustration they show is due to their desire to be the best. they can be.

“You play together as a team and you both want to score goals, that’s normal, we want them to score goals, there are situations where one does not see the other and does not end the situation and say it immediately. ‘what is the reason for that?’

“The reason for that is that in this case you think: ‘I can put it here.’ Then the goalkeeper has the same idea and the ball does not come in.

“I have these moments out there but when I look back the situation I admit there was no chance. It was really hard to pass the ball and stuff like that. Nothing. That’s right. We are human beings and we move. We always make bad decisions, but it’s not a personal thing.”

Klopp explained that making bad decisions is often the key to success when things go wrong, and he is convinced that the two of them consider themselves friends.

“We just want to score and see later that it was the wrong decision. It has nothing to do with competing with any other player in your team, it is the wrong decision.

“No doubt they’re not just close, well educated, good boys, good people. Sadio and Mo will see themselves as friends for sure. They probably have ‘best friends’ somewhere, maybe here or here. At home, and this can be a challenge even if they were your best friend.”

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