Jurgen Klopp discusses Liverpool’s ‘cool’ rivalry with Manchester City

jurgen kloop

Jurgen Klopp has admitted that the recent rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City has been ‘fun’, but has dismissed suggestions that Sunday’s meeting would decide the race for the Premier League title this season.

The Reds go to the Etihad Stadium following City by just one point and could climb to the top spot for at least a week for the first time since the start of October.

Speaking ahead of Sunday’s big game, Klopp emphasized that this was a “very important game”, but in the end, it would not be a deadline.

“I can’t decide what people think but we can just go through the possible consequences: if we win, we are two points high,” Klopp said.

“If everyone thinks it ‘s done and the league has collapsed, I’ ll not be able to help.

“If it’s a draw, there’s one point left. That’s it.

“Suppose we still have 14 or 15 points left, it will still be a good game but we are missing something – meaning a little bit and this kind of thing. So, good. We deserve a good game for the season we played. that a lot of people will watch it and we try, that’s all I can say. ”

Klopp was then asked about the growing rift between Liverpool and City since he and Pep Guardiola came to England, and the two have always been favorites to win the Premier League and Champions League over the past decade.

“It’s cool. Four years ago anything since we went up a bit and we could close the gap on City a little bit, it’s interesting, absolutely,” Klopp said.

“We are pushing each other to get amazing points, madness, I would never have thought such things could happen – especially not in this league. The inconsistency shown by both teams at the time is really crazy.

“We had our best year where we won the league, where there was a small gap. And it was clear that there were years – especially last year – when the [City] gap was bigger because we had our problems. , the closer you get, the more likely you are to pass.

“But we know it’s hard. What has changed over the last four years is that everyone thinks it’s hard when they face us, and that’s really good.”

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