Xavi: Erling Haaland? I can only say that we are working for the present and future of Barcelona


Xavi Hernandez has revealed Barcelona’s interest in signing Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland next summer ahead of a club trip to face Elche on Sunday.

The Barcelona coach was reportedly accompanied by Jordi Cruyff when he met Haaland in Munich last Tuesday and was asked about the hope the club had signed the 21-year-old at a press conference ahead of the game.

“I will not be able to disclose the details, but I can only say that we are working for the future of the team at the moment,” said Xavi.

“I will not say another word, if I can, we will be talking about the first ones.

“For example, yesterday we announced the arrival of Pablo Torre.

“But, in this case [regarding Haaland], I have nothing to say and nothing to declare, only that we are working for the good of the party, the future, and the present.”

Xavi’s role in helping sign players

Xavi went on to say that he did not feel the responsibility of playing a prominent role in the recruitment of Barcelona players.

“We are a party, with the president in charge, Matthew [Alemany], Jordi [Cruyff],” he said.

“They trust me a lot, I have nothing more to say.

“I do not make my own decisions, no one decides for themselves.

“It’s a team and I’m about a team, about asking questions, everyone having their own opinion and making a decision.

“My role is decisive, but I am not alone.

“It’s about introducing the program to the player, how to play and not to deceive him, and the city.

“Most importantly, I have never seen a single player say ‘no’ to Barcelona.

“Yes there are different situations, but it makes all the players feel interested in the idea of ​​joining.”

Source: Marca

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