The cold relationship between Barcelona and Lionel Messi


Lionel Messi and Barcelona didn’t part ways in the best possible way as the Argentine forward was keen to renew his contract, but he was unpleasantly surprised when Joan Laporta changed his mind from one day to the next.

The current Paris Saint-Germain star burst into tears as he said goodbye, before joining the Ligue 1 club last summer for a free transfer.

The Barcelona president knows he owes Messi and is willing to work to restore his relationship with the Argentine national team.

Laporta’s idea is to prepare for Messi’s trial at Camp Nou in the future, but at the moment their relationship is non-existent despite reports that Messi’s father, Jorge, is contacting the club to discuss his son’s possible return.

Although PSG have been handed over to Real Madrid, the former Barcelona captain has no plans to leave Ligue 1 leaders.

His goal is to complete two years of his contract with the French club and he has not considered returning to Barcelona. Everyone in Blaugrana can agree to bring him back, but this time the surgery seems impossible because your costs are too high.

No one believes PSG can let Messi go free. At the time, everyone was wondering if he would return to Camp Nou as a sports director or technical secretary, but it does not seem likely to see him wearing a Barcelona shirt.

His return is likely to be a surprise as long as Laporta holds the reins. It does not happen, though, but it will take time to achieve.

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