Storm created by Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester derby absence: He was 100 percent fit


A tense relationship between Ralf Rangnick and Cristiano Ronaldo reached a new level on Sunday as the Manchester United coach left the Portuguese striker on his squad for the Manchester derby.

Manchester United were badly beaten 4-1 by Manchester City, making the coach’s decision not to invite Ronaldo to the squad even stronger.

Manchester United: problems and disagreements

Rangnick has rectified his decision to leave Ronaldo out of the club on a full-time basis as Ronaldo has suffered a hip injury.

“My doctor came to see me on Friday morning before the exercise and told me that Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to exercise due to certain hip flexor problems and the same thing happened on Saturday which is why he was not part of the team,” said Rangnick. .

However, the decision was widely questioned, especially Ronaldo’s sister, Katia Aveiro, who liked the Instagram post opposing the decision.

“Ronaldo was 100 percent, he did not play for technical reasons and tactics,” read a caption for the Instagram post.

CR7-Rangnick: disagreement and suspicious journey

Ronaldo, feeling he was not included in the squad to face Manchester City, failed to meet the club on Saturday night and moved to Portugal.

According to the Sun, his Manchester United team-mates were shocked by his failure to appear, and believed they should have joined them before a crucial game like this.

Cristiano himself felt ready for the game at the Etihad Stadium after proving himself ready for training at the stadium.

He is upset with his coach’s decision to leave him, although according to sources close to the player, the purpose of his trip was to get hip treatment over the weekend when his relationship with Rangnick deteriorated.

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