Sergio Ramos deserves a warm welcome on his return to Real Madrid


At a press conference by Mauricio Pochettino last Saturday, Paris Saint-Germain coach was asked if Sergio Ramos would be available for the Champions League second leg of the 16-leg on Wednesday against Real Madrid, despite not training until today (Sunday) and missing the last seven games.

Pochettino has revealed that the former Real Madrid captain may be a part of his former team, but it will never be the return of Sergio’s dream, nor will it be PSG’s, given the current challenges he faces.

Sergio Ramos: A Real Madrid legend

No matter what happens to Ramos’ situation in Paris, no team has given up, and it is clear to the crowd at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu that it is a good time to show love and respect for the Real Madrid player. a genius who could not say goodbye to the club the way he liked.

This was partly his fault, but that does not remove the fact that he is a myth in the eyes of Real Madrid fans, and that should surpass anything else.

If Carlo Ancelotti is the coach of La Decima, Real Madrid which is Real Madrid’s 10th World Cup, Sergio Ramos is a La Decima player, and they make themselves a bigger legend under Zinedine Zidane than.

The situation is not easy for any party. At PSG, Ramos’ signing was Leonardo’s game and they know that if it doesn’t work they will be questioned, but Ramos also doesn’t want to end his good career on a sour note.

However, they both do not want to rush into anything and will wait until the end of the season to find the best solution. Ramos has signed a two-year contract and in France, joint withdrawal clauses are not allowed, so if PSG wants to end Sergio’s term in Paris, he will have to pay for the second year of his contract.

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