reportedly Manchester United board considering sacking Ralf Rangnick

Premier League - Newcastle United v Manchester United

An explosive article from a major Spanish outlet claims that the Man United board regrets hiring interim manager Ralf Rangnick and are considering terminating his contract at the end of the season.

Rangnick was appointed on the basis of acting manager for the remainder of 2021/22 and then promoted to a two-year consulting club. But the AS reports that United are considering a breach of contract.

“Manchester United consider it a mistake to sign a German,” the store said.

“After being knocked out of the Champions League, against Atlético, United leaders thought they had made a mistake by putting the team in Rangnick’s hands.

“In fact, he would have been in charge of the club’s sports administration, but at the moment the Red Devils board is considering firing him even though he has a legal contract.”

“Rangnick came to the Old Trafford bench at the end of November to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but has yet to improve the team’s performance.

‘To make matters worse, the German coach could not sympathize with Cristiano Ronaldo, even criticizing him for his ability.

‘Those words create a rift between the two.’

If the report is true, it may seem difficult for the board to conclude in advance that Rangnick did not improve the team’s performance.

In recent games, including Tuesday’s Champions League defeat to Athletes, United’s biggest problems have been their finishing errors and defensive mistakes.

The manager cannot control any of these two aspects.

Moreover, the expression ‘Rome is not built in a day is appropriate in this context and it takes more time to repair a broken party like the one Rangnick inherited.

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