Impossible for Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos to return to El Clasico

messi and ramos

After a long absence, El Clasico are finally returning to the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu and will do so without Sergio Ramos or Lionel Messi, two players who have made a significant contribution to the games between Real Madrid and Barcelona over the past decade and a half. Both captains of their respective sides went on to share in the writing room in Paris Saint-Germain.

People say the French team has made a big statement by signing the duo, but in reality, both players can do anything to get out and go to the Bernabeu stadium tonight.

It can be argued that they did not make the best decision. Ramos and Messi walked away with tears in their eyes. Ramos wanted to make a U-turn where impossible. Messi was forced to take the initiative after Barcelona’s situation worsened.

These eight months in Paris have never been better. Injuries and frustration affected two players who seemed insurmountable in the past.

Ramos is looking to regain his status as a player after 14 months of injury problems. He almost did that but until he played five games in a row he felt like he was back. He has returned to Madrid voluntarily to watch his new team in their second leg of the Champions League and it will be a reminder of what he is missing.

Messi was not helped by French nature. Paris is not Barcelona and PSG did not meet the required standard, which made it even more difficult to get form. He simply does not do what is expected of him.

An impossible return for Messi and Ramos

Some talk about one or both of these players returning to their old teams. Although the French capital is close to the heart of Spain’s two largest cities, it is far from ideal.

PSG will not let it happen. These are the two players who were praised as kings when they arrived in Paris and the club wants to catch them.

One thing is for sure, though. The Clasico would not be the same without them.

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