Ghana will qualify for World Cup with a score draw against Nigeria


A score draw against Nigeria on Tuesday afternoon will be enough to book Ghana a ticket at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The tie heading into the second leg in Abuja is in good shape after a goalless draw in Kumasi.

In addition to the away goal breaker qualifier by European club UEFA in its 2021-22 club competition, the law still applies to qualifying for the FIFA World Cup, which includes any two-legged play-offs worldwide.

FIFA’s official World Cup qualifying rules (Article 20.10, page 29) relate to a situation where a two-legged pair is tied to a knot at the end of a second match. It also emphasizes the use of away goals as a first-round picker.

“If both teams score the same number of goals in both games, the goals scored in the away leg will be considered double.

If both teams have scored the same number of goals on the move, that is the extra time (two 15-minute periods) and, if necessary, a penalty kick kick.

Adherence to the rules of travel goals, any goals scored by the away team in overtime will limit it. Here is how the law book sets you up:

“Extra time is an important part of the second leg game … If both teams score the same goal in extra time, the visiting team will be declared the winner on the basis of two away goals.”

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