FIFA announce World Cup 2022 draw procedure

FIFA President

With the World Cup draw having been set for April 1 in recent days, we have now been made aware of how things will work in Doha.

FIFA announced the procedure on Tuesday, at last, and 28 of the 32 teams that will play in the World Cup have been given one of the four pots.

Qatar, as the host, will be in Pot 1, next to seven top-ranked teams in FIFA rankings. Countries ranked in the 8th to 15th will be in Pot 2, 16 to 23 in Pot 3, and in the 24th to 28th Pot 4. The 4th pot will be completed with teams from the intercontinental filter, and the UEFA playoffs.

The qualifiers will be played on June 13 and 14 in Qatar, with the African delegation facing CONMEBOL, and the OFC against Concecaf.

The teams from the same federation will be divided into separate groups, with the exception of UEFA as there are 13 teams. As a result, five out of eight teams will have two European teams.

FIFA also clarified that the teams that will enter the play-offs will be governed by the same principles of separation from their federations.

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