Arrigo Sacchi: Donnarumma made a mistake by joining PSG for the money


Arrigo Sacchi says Gianluigi Donnarumma made a mistake by turning his back on Milan to join Paris Saint-Germain, criticizing him for “choosing the money”.

Donnarumma left Milan after being lured to PSG on a five-year contract last July after losing his contract with the Serie A bulls.

The Italian goalkeeper started life in France unsettled as he has played just 18 games for Ligue 1 leaders.

Donnarumma was wrong with Karim Benzema’s first three goals as Real Madrid struggled to come back with two goals down to knock out PSG in the Champions League with a stunning 3-2 victory on Wednesday.

Former Rossoneri and Italy coach Sacchi believes Donnarumma should have stayed in Milan.

“You made a mistake by choosing money,” Sacchi told Corriere della Sera.

“I also told her father and mother, last summer, here in Milano Marittima. Stay in Milan not so much to be thankful, but because it was a good place to grow.

“Never leave the places you feel good about. But he’s still a great champion, I’ve known him since he was a child, in the national teams.”

PSG’s recent quest for glory in the Champions League ended in the round of 16 and did not surprise Sacchi.

He added: “It is not a job. As George Bernard Shaw points out, football is the art of compressing the history of the universe in 90 minutes. In football, as in health, talent is not enough.

“The money that the winning team has never had is human, the game and the organization are like the author’s plan and the artist’s point.

“The secret of all ideas. Anytime, anywhere. And I see a few ideas in PSG.”

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