Virgil van Dijk issues title race rallying cry to Liverpool supporters

Van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk has told Liverpool fans not to come to Anfield they will support the club if they do not believe the Reds are in contention for the title with Manchester City.

Liverpool are currently six points adrift of Man City in the Premier League, but due to their commitment to keeping the trophy this weekend, they have a game in hand over their title rivals. That lead has already been reduced to 15 points, and Liverpool have used a few of the slippery points City have made so far – especially in the 3-2 defeat of Tottenham Hotspur last week.

Speaking to the 90 min ahead of this weekend’s Carabao Cup final against Chelsea, Van Dijk urged Liverpool fans not to give up hope of their Premier League title.

“If someone no longer believes in the title race they will not come to support us because you have to have faith that we can win games and turn this around,” he lamented. “We have a lot of games to play.

“We are in a good position right now. There are always things we need to improve but the consistency we show is important and crucial for us to be able to compete with City.”

The defender also clarified what it is like to hold a small arrow at the top of the league, saying the pressure to be in this position is ‘unbelievable’.

“A few years ago, we were in a hot spot where we had a few points ahead and it was hard to give up,” he said.

“It’s not a comfortable place. It’s not easy to deal with the pressure but City have shown that they can because it is unbelievable.”

Liverpool will face Man City in a qualifier at Anfield on April 11.

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