Tottenham Hotspur to delay offering Harry Kane a new contract

harry kane

Tottenham Hotspur are expected to delay giving star player Harry Kane a new contract until the England captain has time to consider his future amid growing chances he may be looking to leave.

Harry Kane was determined to leave Spurs last summer due to concerns over the club’s ambition and ability to fight for trophies at the highest level. Premier League champions Manchester City wanted to sign him, but Spurs stepped in and refused to release him.

The 28-year-old initially missed the first two games of the Premier League season in August while the transfer window was still open following the extension of the holiday. He also took the time to do well, hitting only once in his first 13 league games. But Kane has started shooting again two months ago, which ended up winning the game against City.

The story of his future is not over. Kane has more than two years left to work on a long-term contract he signed just before winning the Golden Boot at the 2018 World Cup and puts potential prospects in a stronger position than he was last summer as his numbers begin to decline. as the remaining time on his contract decreases.

But instead of offering a new contract at the moment, Athletic have reported that Spurs will wait as Kane seeks to assess the club’s progress and long-term vision. The suggestion is that if negotiations are to begin it should be the player who should start, with no negotiation plans until the summer.

Harry Kane is in a good position to offer his future at Tottenham, which is their dream, if he believes it is possible to win trophies with them. But he may have a chance to consider other interests if Manchester City, who live without the main striker, rekindle their interest, or others come to the table.

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