Senegal beat Egypt on penalties to win AFCON 2021

afcon final

Senegal won the Africa Cup of Nations on Sunday night after beating Egypt on penalties. The drama unfolded in 2021 final after Senegal were awarded a penalty just four minutes into the match.

But the news of Sadio Mané’s strike was saved by goalkeeper Gabaski who continued his fine performance in the semi-finals.

Despite the initial disappointment, Senegal managed to move things around and take control of the game. Mané, Ismaïla Sarr and Famara Diédhiou were well connected to the attack but could not convert.

Egypt failed to register a single shot in the first 30 minutes as they struggled to get out of the squad.

Their best chance came just before half-time Mohamed Salah’s ball at a nearby goal was saved by Édouard Mendy.

Coming out after the break, the momentum continued to pick up Senegal with Idrissa Gueye and Diedhiou arguing over threats but Gabaski woke up several times.

Egypt will then bring in Trézéguet, Marwan Hamdi, and Ahmed Sayed to add some explosives but no substitute could have a major impact.

Over time both sides continued to try to break each other however things remained 0-0 as the game went into overtime.

However, despite a handful of chances on both sides, no one could find a way to overtake Mendy and Gabaski and the game went to a penalty kick when Mané redeemed himself with a winning point kick.

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