Richarlison Comments on Lionel Messi Argentina Copa America and World Cup


The Brazilian international was part of Copa America losing to Argentina at home. After the loss, he, along with a few other Argentine athletes, will post jokes and comments on social media as he continues to win gold with Brazil at the Olympics. He spoke to ESPN about Lionel Messi and Argentina winning the Copa America. Here is what he said:

“Leo is the best in the world. He’s from another planet and I would love to play near it
he. He deserved it and it was clear when they all hugged him the whole game.

“I cried a lot, it was painful and I didn’t want to get out of my room.”

About the jokes between him and the Argentine players:

“Jokes stay on the field. It is part of the history of football. They protect their Argentine shirt and we protect the Brazilian shirt. I am friends with Roberto Pereyra. ”

He was also asked about Argentina at the World Cup:

“We have never been knocked out in the first round and we have won five. They have gained confidence and are very strong behind Copa America. Also, they have never lost a lot of games. I think they will get very well in the World Cup. ”

About Argentine players:

“I have always loved Aguero. I saw him at a young age and got to play against him. He scored an amazing goal to win the Premier League. ”

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