PSG are prepared to do the absolutely absurd to keep hold of Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe and neymar

Football has become a very expensive business.

Broadcast rights now amount to billions, annual players’ revenue up to millions, and the cost of watching a live game or buying the latest kit equals stars for a working person.

Real support, kit support, kit interaction, etc.… yes, money strengthens the wheels of a very good game.

Sometimes, though, a line needs to be drawn in the sand. Time to say it is enough. That time has come.

The modern soccer player has been overpowered by putting the ball behind the net or preventing it from happening, but that is not their fault.

Players do not limit their salaries, so if the clubs are going to pay a higher dollar, those who do get it are less likely to say thank you politely but no thank you ?!

Now, however, we may be approaching the first £ 1m of football a week. Yes, you read that correctly. £ 1m a week!

That is the price, according to the Independent and quoted by Sky Sports, that Paris Saint-Germain are willing to invest to keep Kylian Mbappe in the grip of Real Madrid and Liverpool.

Nonsense, unreasonable money. No player should get close to that, and what reasons do Ligue Un giants have to offer?

There should be a roof over your head and that should happen now. The game will be ruined in another way.

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