Manchester United Have ‘No Intention’ of Offering Ralf Rangnick Permanent Manager Job

Ralf Rangnick

Manchester United have been described as “not interested” in hiring Ralf Rangnick as a permanent coach next season, and the German will take part in the negotiations as originally planned.

Rangnick was appointed on a temporary contract as interim manager in December to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was sacked last month following a series of side effects.

From the start, it was confirmed that the 63-year-old will manage the team for the rest of the season and take on a new role of football coaching until 2024. But improvements and results later led to his suggestions. instead, he can continue as manager.

Manchester United have scored 25 of the 36 points that could be under Rangnick’s leadership since December 5, compared to 17 from 36 under Solskjaer until November 20.

But despite having a positive impact on difficult situations, Forbes reported no change to the original plan. He does not appear on the shortlist of the new team manager and will play the aforementioned role of consultation as originally intended.

United have opted to enter the process of having a temporary manager who will provide time and flexibility as they look for a permanent replacement to take over the club, although they are considering a move to the final stage soon if one of their favorites is found.

Mauricio Pochettino and Brendan Rodgers have long been the top two names, with Ajax coach Erik ten Hag also recently linked with him.

Gary Neville suggested that Rangnick “have a say” in appointing his successor as United manager, telling Sky Sports that “… a real positive view of the characters, personality, performance levels and training standards of the current team of players.”

Neville added that he would also like Rangnick, who is famous for his work overseeing development and building in the Red Bull teams, to focus on that side of Manchester.

“His role as a club assistant, building a new structure and a forward-looking structure has been a long-term position,” explained the former United captain.

“I wish he had gotten that right; I prefer to suffer in the short term so that the long-term perspective is right. He has a lot of experience in building structures for football teams and Manchester United needs that. ”

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