Xavi Hernandez: Ousmane Dembele could leave Barcelona in January


Xavi has given an update on the status of Ousmane Dembele’s contract in Barcelona, ​​acknowledging that the club needs to make a decision on his future ‘immediately’. Dembele’s current contract at the club will expire in the summer, and despite seemingly endless negotiations over a new contract, the striker is yet to sign.

Speaking to the media, Barca manager Xavi said if Dembele did not renew the club ‘immediately’ he would be forced to sell the player in January.

“We cannot wait for Ousmane. [Either] renewing the contract or selling solution should be available immediately.

“I do not think of sending her to the bus stop. He says he wants to stay but does not sign. ”

Xavi’s comments come after Dembele’s agent, Moussa Sissoko (no, not the one), criticized the club for its behavior during contract negotiations.

“They put pressure, but it doesn’t work with people like us,” he said. “Maybe it works with agents close to Barcelona. It’s not like that for me, I came here to protect the interests of my player.

“We did not help to respond to the debate on social media, but the truth must be told. Yes, we have high demands, but we have shown before that Ousmane’s choice of job is not determined by money, otherwise, he would not be here.

“Then, if Barcelona wanted to negotiate, they would come to the table with us and talk. Unless there are no negotiations and there are threats from them that he will not play. That is not allowed. We will exercise the rights of Ousmane Dembele. If necessary.

“We do not know what to do, there is no set rule. But the management lost Ousmane alone. From the beginning, we have shown that we want to negotiate, on terms, but without closing the door. “

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