Romelu Lukaku in major trouble as dressing room sides with Tuchel

Lukaku and tuchel

Romelu Lukaku receives tons of criticism every day after admitting in an interview with ‘Sky Sport’ that he would prefer to stay at Inter Milan instead of signing for Chelsea. His remarks came as a shock to the Premier League team, which has spent 100 million pounds on him.

As a result of that comment, manager Thomas Tuchel punished him for leaving him out of a crucial Premier League match against Liverpool. The striker, who does not apologize and withdraws his comments, is trying to force him to move to Tottenham where he would meet Antonio Conte. Conte was Inter coach at the time of Lukaku’s presence.

Another thing to consider in this difficult situation is that according to the British media and ‘News18Sports’ and ‘NBC’, the dressing room has turned its back on him. Some players have supported Tuchel’s decision to remove him from the Liverpool game and do not feel as comfortable with him as before.

Many former actresses who frequently appear in the media such as Graeme Souness and Gary Neville have urged Lukaku to apologize for the outfit. Paolo di Canio, in fact, went further than that and called the player “weak” and “arrogant” and that he “does not realize his current status.”

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