Neymar didn’t leave Barcelona to get out of Lionel Messi’s shadow


Neymar has always been a loving player, of those who never leave anyone indifferent. It is no surprise then that ‘Netflix’ decided to make a documentary about him.

In it, it says a lot about Neymar’s journey as a footballer and his life. The Brazilian player’s move from Barcelona to PSG is numbered.

“My son did not leave Barcelona at my request. He was in his comfort zone and wanted to leave. He had set himself a goal. He did not want to be better than Messi, it was not out of his.

Lionel Messi also spoke of Neymar’s departure, something he still does not understand: “I don’t really know why he left and he never told us.” The third player in those three famous games, Luis Suarez, was clear: “I told him what I thought¬† a friend and I did not agree with it.”

Other topics discussed are Barca’s clash with PSG where the Brazilian player plays. “I felt a unique feeling of joy and happiness, it was one of the best days of my career,” Neymar said.

Outside the stadium, Neymar had a heated conversation with his father. “What worries me the most is that all our efforts to build your image are wasted. I can’t sit next to you. I was there and you loved it, now you don’t want to be there. But then someone has to protect you.”

“Yes, but I do not agree with the way you talk to people. Sometimes you get angry, I know it happens to everyone. I want to say I will not talk like that,” replied the footballer.

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