Ferran Torres on his FC Barcelona transfer: “It’s a dream come true”

Ferran Torres

Earlier today, Ferran Torres was officially unveiled as an FC Barcelona player. The striker was met with a round of applause in front of the roaring Camp Nou. The 21-year-old student also took the time to speak to the media, for the first time as a member of the Blaugrana.

Commenting on the excitement of his departure, Torres said, “I am very happy to be here. When Xavi touched me, I wanted to go to Barça even more. ” He added, “It is a dream come true to be in Barça.”

Regarding the momentum of his transformation, Torres remarked, “If I remember correctly, in the national team I played a good game against Italy and Matthew Alemany contacted my agent.”

Torres has left Manchester City, one of the world’s best clubs; In the article, he said, “I went to City to return one day to a large Spanish club and as soon as Barça called me I did not think twice. It is a big challenge. ”

In addition, “The city is one of the best. I have ambition and it is a challenge to get Barca back to where it should be. We are very small and have a lot of space to study. I’m really looking forward to playing with my teammates. ”

Barcelona will win 1-0 against Mallorca, where Torres said, “Yesterday’s victory was very important and three points needed the team. We look forward to the next game with patience. ”

Torres’ flexibility in the front line is one of his outstanding qualities. With the way he played, he said, “My best position is on the right but I can play wherever the coach wants.”

There have been concerns about his registration due to the rules of La Liga’s Financial Fair, but Torres emphasized, “I am happy with the registration because I know the club will fix it and I am sure it will be done without any problems. ”

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