Erling Haaland’s final price could reach 350 million?


The best place to stand out when it comes to transferring issues is in Erling Haaland. Even if the agreement is not finalized this January, it appears that the decision may come in a few days.

‘Deportes Cuatro’ reports that Borussia Dortmund wants to know about the Norwegian striker’s intentions this week, something that could happen before this Friday.

The most powerful clubs in Europe, including Barca despite their difficult financial situation, continue to wait but calculate the total cost of travel. Signing Erling Haaland does not cost a transfer fee of 75 million.

That is the amount calculated for his summer purchase clause, but you should consider the future with the striker and the financial needs of his inner circle. That includes player earnings, commissions, and any sports bonuses.

The ‘Daily Mirror‘ states that this amounts to about 350 million euros. Haaland’s father will be key to deciding where Erling Haaland will move.

In addition, Haaland wants a long-term contract, almost six years to be exact, so his entire salary is included in those 350 million euros.

The future of Haaland has entered a final week. ‘Bild’ also announced that Borussia Dortmund are trying to meet with a footballer in the coming days to prevent growing tumors and be able to find a replacement in time, if necessary.

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