Dembele refuses to leave Barcelona in January, will go to the Premier League in June


The clash between Barcelona and Ousmane Dembele was intense, to say the least. The two formerly good teams now seem to be expanding their positions in a way that can no longer be fixed.

After being rejected for their unreasonable demand of 40 million euros a year, Dembele’s team is said to be willing to negotiate with Barcelona again. However, less than 24 hours after the news broke, there was another twist in the story.

According to reports from Santiovalle via Carrusel Deportivo, the Frenchman refuses to leave the transfer window in January. The player is threatening to go free in the summer if his conditions are not met. With several Premier League clubs interested in signing him, his dream destination appears to be England.

The situation is very critical at the end of the group. Barcelona has only two options as it sees fit. If the player does not renew his contract, departure in January is considered the only way to work.

In the last six months of his contract in Catalonia, Dembele has had a strong influence on the club’s management. Moreover, his tag as one of the most expensive symbols in the history of sports makes his free ride even more painful. Not surprisingly, Barcelona sees the January exit as the only possible option.

Dembele has started four La Liga games this season, providing two assistants. However, his recent game against Granada was a reminder of why he should keep his feet down.

saying, “Everyone talks about money. But it is not just our money. And day-to-day management and player are very important. How can he play after getting a covid without training? ”

Both of these groups are holding on to the structures right now. Although Xavi needs someone like Dembele in the team, it seems the Frenchman’s attitude could see him go to jail for the rest of the season soon.

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