Dani Alves: Would I sign a 38-year-old? Only if his name was Dani Alves, Leo Messi, Cristiano or Ibrahimovic

Dani Alves

Dani Alves’ return to Barcelona this winter has come as a surprise to many, but the Brazilian has always been confident he will be able to do things at the Camp Nou. The defender did not take long to settle in Barcelona, ​​offering help as he made his second appearance for the club. He plays in the final years of his career according to his goals.

“Can I sign a 38-year-old player?” Alves was interviewed while speaking to Catalunya Radio in an interview about his return.

“I can only doubt that his name was Dani Alves, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, or Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The boys don’t want others to tell them when they have to retire.”

Alves has rejoined a different club, however, one still mourns the loss of Messi as he tries to regain his footing as a new club.

“It would be great if he finished his job here,” Alves said of Messi.

“Finishing here would be a great gift for him, and the club could take care of it.”

Now working under his former team-mate Xavi Hernandez, the Brazilian says he sees a resemblance to his current coach and one of Barcelona’s stars.

“Xavi and [Pep] Guardiola have the same style,” Alves said.

“Look at the changes – [Johan] Cruyff did, and Guardiola did too.

“Barcelona should be the one [a local-based and fun-playing football team] too. They should know that they need to adapt.

“It will take a year or two, but the challenge is to bring back Barcelona that we all loved, the team that changed the history of football.

“I was part of that Barcelona. This is the best place we can be and we have to do it that way again.”

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