Cristiano Ronaldo receives special recognition at The Best awards


Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo has been honored for his outstanding performance at the 2021 FIFA Best Awards.

The 36-year-old broke the all-time goalscoring record for men when he beat Portugal against the Republic of Ireland, bringing his figure to 115.

His special award is the first to be announced in the FIFA Best Awards and he has not been able to go to a better player than that.

“First of all I have to thank my colleagues, especially the national team for the past 2020 years,” said Ronaldo on stage in Zurich, where the event was being held.

“I never thought I would [hit] the record, to get 115 points – the record was 109, right? So, six goals before. I’m very proud of this special award from FIFA, the organization I respect the most.”

Along with his 115 wins over Portugal, he has scored another 687 goals, bringing his total to 802 unbeaten in the team and in the country.

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