Coutinho’s exit isn’t enough for Barcelona to register Ferran Torres

Ferran Torres

Ferran Torres is waiting for Barcelona to register him as their player in LaLiga, meaning they have to release their team’s salaries to face their charge.

There have been speculations that Philippe Coutinho’s loan move to Aston Villa will suffice for Ferran to be signed, but that is not the case.

First, Coutinho’s loan is not yet official as the player must go to Birmingham next week and pass a test, according to a club statement.

Coutinho’s departure is not enough

Even passing that medical treatment will not be enough, as Ferran’s salary will include his salary and amortization of his transfer, equivalent to six million euros.

Barcelona are working to see more players leave the club, with the intention of leaving ahead of the Superercopa de Espana semi-final against Real Madrid, but that looks very small given that they will have to leave and LaLiga will give Ferran a green light registration.

Even when Ferran is registered, other things could delay his exit, such as his test for COVID-19 before the Copa del Rey defeats Linares.

The Spanish striker is also recovering from a foot injury he suffered in Manchester.

While Ferran is working on being there, Barcelona want to get out with Samuel Umtiti, who is reluctant to leave and has not received any request, as well as Yusuf Demir, while Barcelona are waiting for Rapid Wien to reach an agreement with another club over his sale. .

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