Barcelona striker Ansu Fati set to make surgery decision today


Barcelona striker Ansu Fati is said to have little idea of ​​the surgery he needed after suffering a hamstring injury during his side’s 2-3 defeat to Athletic Club in the Copa del Rey.

Xavi had said the club would hold a meeting with the player, his family, and health officials on Monday to decide the next step.

However, despite the fact that surgery is, in fact, the right way to go, he is still not sure about it as he has a bad memory of the meniscus arthroscopy he received, where many mistakes were made.

According to MARCA, Barcelona is currently working on a specific training program for a 19-year-old boy to ensure there is no permanent surgical outcome.

However, all of that takes time and the above source states that by the time he recovered from the problem, he would have missed two seasons of football due to multiple injuries.

Meanwhile, medical expert Dr. Ricard Pruna has advised Ansu to undergo surgery in Finland with the same doctor who worked with Ousmane Dembele. This will take him about 3-5 months.

It is thought that the job will bring a new set, but the reality remains that the 19-year-old will not be appearing this season. And if he decides to do so without surgery, he will be out for about 8-10 weeks but will have no future injuries.

Ansu missed a few weeks playing is a big mistake for the team that is struggling to get results this season. In addition, it may force Barcelona to look at the stock market to find another temporary location, which may look bleak.

As things stand, the final decision rests with the player and the teams will try to find a solution at the end of the day.

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