UEFA Champions League last-16 draw to be redone after error


There are rumors that the last 16 UEFA Champions League matches will be redesigned. Real Madrid drew Benfica in the first game, but the second created controversy. Villarreal were selected and Man Utd’s ball was replaced by Liverpool and Andrey Arshavin pulled the Man Utd ball. As they met in the group stage it was not possible to match that so another ball had to be pulled. Man City were the next team to come out and Villarreal will face them.

However, that was not the only issue. Later, when Atletico Madrid’s name was coined, UEFA forgot to put Man Utd’s ball in the pot of potential opponents (as they had been drawn by mistake before) and Liverpool ball was put in while Atletico and Liverpool were in the same team. The name Bayern Munich has been painted, but the incident has caused quite a stir on social media.

After Man City’s footballing draw, there was a temporary pause to continue apologizing for the “technical error”, but it also affected the pick-up result as Villarreal could not find Liverpool and Atletico could not find Man Utd in time. be options.

There have been calls for the entire match to be replayed as Benfica and Real Madrid have been banned, with some ties being affected by the two errors. Atletico have also asked for an explanation from UEFA regarding their grievances.

According to ‘RMC Sport’, UEFA will decide after the Europa League or Conference League matches to decide whether to repeat the draw or not. If it is repeated, one option is to repeat the whole game and another option is to repeat everything except Benfica v Real Madrid and then go back to the point of mistake that made Villarreal dismissed as a runner-up and then awarded. opponent. Redesigning the drawing is “not yet decided”.


Champions League last-16 draw in full 

RB Salzburg vs Bayern Munich

Sporting CP vs Manchester City

Benfica vs Ajax

Chelsea vs Lille

Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United

Villarreal vs Juventus

Inter vs Liverpool

PSG vs Real Madrid

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