Tottenham Hotspurs vs Rennes postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak

Tottenham vs Rennes

Tottenham Hotspurs’s Europa Conference League match against Rennes has been postponed due to a Covid-19 outburst at a club north of London. News of the outbreak began to emerge earlier in the week and the situation has been steadily deteriorating ever since.

These reports suggest that up to 11 member Hotspurs team members have been tested for covid-19 and manager Antonio Conte described the condition as “alarming” during a pre-match press conference.

“8 players and 5 employees but the problem are that every day we have people with Covid-19, people yesterday were absent and today [Wednesday] are there and we are still in contact with them. The biggest problem” said a terrified Conte.

He added: “Everyone is a little nervous, we all have families. I wonder why? Why? Yesterday we trained with two positives, today we trained and after two other good ones. Who’s next? It’s not right, we’re going home with our families.”

Tottenham Hotspurs released a statement on Wednesday suggesting that Rennes’ game would not continue, although this was once again challenged by the Ligue 1 club.

UEFA seemed to be supporting Tottenham’s rivals as the club-sanctioned games should be a priority if the club has 13 players in attendance. However, on Thursday morning they confirmed to Sky Sports News that the match would indeed be suspended.

The game will need to be played before the start of 2022, leaving Hotspurs in serious trouble. They are currently behind in the league due to a postponement of their match against Burnley due to inclement weather and they have a quarter-final Carabao Cup match to play this month as well.

Tottenham also demanded that Sunday’s game against Brighton be postponed. The Premier League is expected to take a decision on the matter soon.

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