This is how Joan Laporta and Barcelona found enough money to sign Ferran Torres


Spanish international Ferran Torres could be a Barcelona player in the January transfer window, which starts just a few days ago, and Man City are believed to be ready to consider a bid of 55 million euros and 10 million euros in addition. The English club initially valued the player for 70 million euros and may now accept this lower price, but it will still be an expensive Barca transfer.

Given the financial situation of the fragmented Catalan club, many are wondering how they will be able to afford the job.

The first thing we need to point out is that Barcelona has money. Their problem is not about lack of money, especially after a lot of debt.

LaLiga’s economic control rules have been a problem for Barcelona, ​​and the league limits spending on all clubs according to their current status.

Barcelona had very little money to spend when it came to its LaLiga, but it has already started to clear up another room.

First, Sergio Aguero has retired and the fact that Dani Alves is earning just over 100,000 euros means there is more space because the Argentine was earning more than that.

Next, Yusuf Demir is about to leave the party. Although there were no high salaries, this frees up more space for Barcelona to work with.

Then there are the other two things, where Barcelona is working with new sponsors to invest new money in the club, which will increase their LaLiga spending limit.

Then, finally, there is the fact that Ferran Torres’ contract will not be too difficult for Barcelona’s books. He knows he will not expect high salaries at the start of his contract, and the transfer fee will be around $ 55 million in five seasons, so it will be around 5.5m euros in the first six months of this season.

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