Paris Saint-Germain face 10 days of sweating over Kylian Mbappe’s future


PSG are facing 10 long days as they anxiously watch the clock tick down until Kylian Mbappe becomes free to talk to other clubs, Real Madrid in particular.

With the French striker’s contract expiring in the summer, from January 1 he will be able to negotiate a pre-contract agreement with other clubs, something Los Blancos is well aware of as well as PSG.

Despite the unexpected fluctuations at this late stage, it now looks certain that Mbappe will enter the new year in control of his future. The Paris club have not given up hope, but it looks like there is little chance of a new contract being signed in the coming days.

Everyone on edge

In the football world, anything can happen and it will not be just a few weeks of worry for PSG. Real Madrid will not rest unless, or until, the 23-year-old writes in writing to offer his future in the Spanish capital.

It may be a long time to wait for all concerned, however, as it is expected that Mbappe will not announce any decision in early January. He can wait until the end of the season before making a public announcement.

Mbappe’s desire to play for Real Madrid will one day be no secret, but in a recent interview with Paris Match, he offered a bit.

“Personal relationships are more fun [than money],” Mbappe said.

“In life, experience is more important than money.

“I want to go, meet other players, find other cultures.”

Source: Marca

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