Lionel Messi’s emotional message to Kun Aguero after he announces retirement

kun and messi

Lionel Messi paid tribute to Sergio Aguero after the Barcelona striker was forced to announce his resignation on Wednesday.

Sergio Aguero moved to Barcelona last summer in hopes of playing with his best friend at Messi, but contract problems led to Blaugrana’s all-time goalkeeper leaving the club for Paris Saint-Germain.

In his message to Aguero, Leo Messi highlighted how they have become great friends and enjoyed good times on the field, such as winning the Copa America and Argentina.

“Actually all the work we did together, Kun … We had some good times and some not so bad, but they all brought us closer and we became better friends. And we will continue to spend money. They met outside the stadium,” Messi wrote in an Instagram post.

“With great pleasure to lift Copa America not so long ago, with all the gains in England …. And the truth is that now it hurts so much to see how you should stop doing what you love. very much because of what happened to you I am sure you will continue to be happy because you are a blossomed and we who love you will be with you. Now a new phase of your life has begun and I am sure you will enjoy it with a smile on your face and all the enthusiasm you put into everything.

“Good luck with this new stage! I love you so much my friend, I will miss you very much to be with you on the field and when we meet the national team.”

Sergio Aguero was only able to play in Barcelona’s five games before suffering a heart attack but was able to score at the moment, doing so in Clasico against Real Madrid.

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