Cristiano Ronaldo statue in India sparks huge debate

Ronaldo's statue

A new portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo has been unveiled in India, Goa province on the southwest coast of the country. Although the idea of ​​the image was to inspire young people, the work has sparked debate among members of the Indian football community.

Some black flags have been displayed on the statue as a symbol of protection, with critics saying that the local football skills of Indian football should have been honored instead of Manchester United fame.

The local news agency IANS collected the views of some local people and explained why they were against the statute.

“I am very disappointed to hear about the construction of a statue of Ronaldo, as we have to learn to be proud of our portraits like Samir Naik and Bruno Coutinho,” said one.

Sixty years since Goa gained independence

The image is also controversial because this December marks the 60th anniversary of the Indian military occupying Goa in Portugal. This month marks the most important day in the history of the region.

As the statue is currently being unveiled, some view the suspension of honoring the Portuguese star as an insult to those who fought for freedom – despite the tradition of supporting Portuguese teams, the Portuguese national team, and the Portuguese sports stars. this situation.

“Building a portrait of a Portuguese footballer this year is an insult and we condemn this, as many freedom fighters in Goa are being insulted,” said one activist, according to IANS.

Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet made any public comment on or show recognition of this controversial image.

This is also not the first Ronaldo statue to make headlines, and the one shown in 2017 at Madeira Airport is ridiculed for its incompatibility with the football player.

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