Cristiano Ronaldo injured himself doing his ‘Siu’ celebration


Cristiano Ronaldo has been at the center of many debates since Ralf Rangnick was confirmed as interim manager of Manchester United, with a German system totally unfit for the Portuguese.

Now, the 63-year-old could be forced to name a team other than the No.7 as he holds his first game as Manchester United manager, with the striker having a knee problem.

Manchester United sources have suggested to Solezwe that Ronaldo may have injured himself. After scoring the winning goal against Arsenal on Thursday in the penalty area, the striker went into a corner and scored the goal in his usual way, with more than usual enthusiasm added to his amazing ‘Siu’ celebration.

You may have overreacted to him, perhaps injured your knee. The 36-year-old played for a while and then ran a long distance to take part in the fight before fleeing in the 88th minute.

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